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GO Math! is a focused program designed to meet the objectives and intent of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
GO Math! was specifically written to provide thorough coverage of the CCSS with an emphasis on depth of instruction. Lessons begin with context‐based situations and progress toward more abstract problems. Students are supported as they advance from concrete to abstract content through the use of models and math talking prompts.
Go Math! includes online access to resources for students to use for practice at home.  Once students log in, they can access these resources through My Library.  Online assignments given by teachers can be found under Things to Do.  Not all teachers give online assignments, but resources and activities are always available in My Library.
Login through the EGUSD Portal (no further password required)
Use our unique direct teal color GO MATH link to the left on our website:
Username: Student  (ex:
Password: school
GoMath Resource Overview

GoMath Resource Overview