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Principal’s Message

Happy November!

I want to give a giant THANK YOU to our fabulous PTA and all of you who volunteered to help make our Fall Carnival a memorable and very fun family event. It was great to see so many current, past, and future PGES Tigers enjoying the carnival.

Important- Please do NOT park in a handicap parking spot for any reason (including a “quick drop off”) unless you have a handicap license plate or placard. We have families with handicap license plates or placards who greatly need and rely on those spots. Thank you!
Now that it is November, our first trimester has come to a close. Teachers are working on report cards and conferences will be scheduled for November 10-18. (No school Nov 11th.) These will be minimum days for grades 1-6 and students will be dismissed at 12:50pm. Kindergarten schedule does not change. Parent-teacher conferences are an opportunity to establish strong, clear communication between parents and teachers. Since children are sometimes different at home and in school, both the parent and the teacher gain an understanding of the child and can, therefore, be more effective in helping him or her achieve their full potential.

Preparing for the conference can make the experience more rewarding. If you are concerned about your child’s work, keep copies of material that illustrate your concerns. In order to gain information about your child’s behavior and progress, you might prepare some questions that directly address your area of concern.
Here are some possible examples:
1. Does my child arrive to class with his completed homework and his materials ready to start work?
2. Is my child able to persevere when given a difficult question or task?
3. Will my child willingly challenge a new task?
4. Is my child able to act as part of a group sharing in the workload?
5. Given a leadership role, does my child accept the added responsibility?
6. Does my child demonstrate compassion/empathy to students around her?
7. When a new topic is introduced, is my child inquisitive?
8. Will he independently seek out additional information?
9. Is my child able to think through problems in a logical manner?
11. When given a new assignment, is my child motivated to begin immediately and produce her best work?
12. Is my child able to express her opinion in class in a persuasive manner?
13. Does my child respond in a flexible manner when the schedule, teacher or routine is changed?
We look forward to spending time with you during conference week discussing your child and his/her development!
Yours in education,
Deidra Wood